How To Keep From Sweating When Nervous?

I’m a 20 year old guy and I sweat when I get nervous. My mom has told me to stay seated in the bus, but what else can I do?

A: If you’re male, take off your shirt and sit with your knees together (or cross them). You’ll feel cooler. Many men will tell you that they think it helps if their mind is occupied; anything from thinking about an upcoming exam or work problems to solving a puzzle or playing solitaire helps keep them cool for longer periods of time. Try these methods out and see which works best for you! And remember that people who sweat more than others may suffer from blood disorders (like Raynaud’s disease), so be sure to see your doctor before making changes in diet or lifestyle based on things like this. Here are some other common questions we receive here at Ask The Sweat Guy:

Why does my body produce too much perspiration? What should I do about it? How do I stop sweating so much during workouts?

Sweating occurs because of many different reasons–body chemistry being one of the most prominent ones–and there are often multiple solutions to any problem relating to excessive sweating. Some ways that people have tried include altering their diets, taking supplements, wearing running shoes instead of regular ones, etc., but all these alternative approaches should only be used under physician supervision as they could interact adversely with medications or other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism [source]. Fortunately

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