How To Keep From Sweating At Night?

How to prevent and treat night sweats. Causes of Night Sweats:…

I get very sweaty through out the night, when I have a cold or something? [ edit ] Hi there! I got a question from an old friend of mine, who’s been suffering from severe sweating problems for almost 2 years now. He cannot take much warm water in his body because it causes him to sweat excessively during the night. His doctor told him to use anti-perspirants but he can not tolerate them at all so what should we do with this problem…? Could you please help me answer his question? Thank you very much!!! 🙂 –Tomboy9 01:59, 11 January 2009 (EST)

Hi Tomboy9 – here is my response: What are the symptoms that you’re experiencing? Is there any pattern that occurs before your loss of sleep? If it’s just random episodes then keep doing what you’re doing and see how things go over time. If however these episodes seem more frequent or occur after exercise or caffeine then perhaps try adding some essential oils into your bathwater once a week instead of showering every day if possible. Also consider using unscented deodorant/anti-perspirant under your arms instead of on your legs where sweat glands tend to be more active as well as wearing cotton pyjamas rather than synthetic versions which can retain moisture better due to their wicking ability making people feel drenched even though they aren

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