How To Keep Fondant From Sweating?

Here is a great tip from Ginny of Heads Up Productions. She says: “I have been working with fondant for over 15 years and this has worked fine every time!” Here is what she did: Once the cake is covered in fondant, you want to cover it loosely with plastic wrap or parchment paper. If you use a ton of goo on your hands, you will leave behind fingerprints that will be absorbed by the fondant when you move on to decorating. To avoid this mess I keep two bowls handy – one bowl of cornstarch and one bowl full of flour (with some water if needed). You can easily make up these mixes ahead of time at home so all you need to do on the day before the party is add enough water/flour mix to make a paste-like consistency (you don’t want it too wet). Then simply dip your fingers into this mixture and smoosh it onto your cake top before transferring onto your work surface. It works like magic! Of course, after cakes are decorated they should come off very carefully so as not to damage them in any way but no cleaning up required here!! Photo by Brett Hanks Photography Photo taken at Head’s Up Productions Cake Decorating Studio

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