How To Keep Feet From Sweating In Boots?

I have had my redwing boots for about one year now. They are very comfortable to wear and I liked them so much that I bought the same pair in black. However, after wearing them for two weeks or so, without socks, wet feet started to develop blisters on the sides of my feet. It was not enough to cause me any discomfort but it is starting to really bother me that this happened before I even wore these boots out hunting! How can I prevent this from happening again?

—John G., Alabama

A: From what you say, John, there’s nothing wrong with your boots; they’re just too darned comfy! These are certainly good winter-work boots (we recommend waterproof liners), but if you wear them out of doors all day long without separating your toes from the leather by adding some kind of nonleather sockliner inside the boot itself (i.e., something like our Bison Wool Booties come close) then chances are pretty high that friction will eventually cause blisters over time. When you hit a cold spot at work or play where your feet get chilled first and then warm up quickly as you walk around it probably isn’t doing anything good for your footbeds either—especially since many people use shapeless athletic shoes instead of properly fitting footwear designed specifically for their own size each time they put on clothes outside their homes. So next time when leaving home remember those little puffs of fabric we mention

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