How To Keep Concrete From Sweating?

Q. I have a large outside porch in my home that is made of cement block and has no insulation under it, but the ceiling over it is insulated with foam board. The problem is that when it rains or when humidity rises too much (like during summer), condensation forms on the ceiling. Now when I open all windows in winter to let out moisture, I lose power due to ventilation costs; also, this makes me nervous about mold growth, which would be bad for my children’s health. Is there something I can do?

A: First off you need to stop worrying about your windows opening because they are not letting any heat out into your house–the only thing they could possibly be doing at night is drawing heat from the inside of your house! Second, if you’re worried about mold growth then just use some inexpensive Boric Acid powder sprinkled around where you suspect moisture might occur so that excess water will flow off rather than build up behind closed doors and windows. You may also want to consider putting an inexpensive dehumidifier near one window so damp air can escape more easily but don’t put anything else beside this window because there already should be plenty of exhaust vents located elsewhere through your walls and attic flooring–these would take care of any problems with condensation forming on the wall itself without ruining what little insulation remains on both sides next door!

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