How To Increase Sweating?


I have always suffered with excessive sweating, especially under my arms. I have tried many things to get rid of it but nothing has worked. My doctor put me on a course of tablets for one month which made no difference at all so she referred me to the Dermatology department in the hospital where they gave me some steroid creams and lotions which were very unpleasant and caused severe itching.

After about three weeks I stopped them as they were making my skin dry and cracked, so I tried various natural remedies such as chamomile tea, aloe vera gel and olive oil but none seemed to help much. Then this friend who suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) suggested that we look into white willow bark extract as he had found that this was helping him greatly. We decided to try it together because we both suffer from this condition and felt that there must be something in common between us! After just two tubes of White Willow Bark Extracts our sweat problems disappeared completely!

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We advise you not only buy your own supplies but also ask your pharmacist or health food shop assistant if they can order these products for you, otherwise make sure you see an experienced practitioner like Dr Aimee Carter before buying any product containing extracts (see page 139). Also consult friends who suffer from excessive sweating; their advice is invaluable when trying out new treatments!

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