How To Increase Sweating In Body?

(a) Increase of blood flow to the skin. (b) Increase in insulin levels. (c) Increased metabolic rate. (d) Release of adrenalin by the sympathetic nervous system.(e) None of these.

ANSWER: A-C I am really sorry for my late reply, but I have had some issues lately with my computer and all online functions being down – so it’s going to take a little time getting back into things! Thank you for your question though! As far as increasing sweating goes…it is not possible during exercise per say, but can be done pre-exercise via taking an over-the-counter supplement called DHEA or even just eating foods that contain chromium such as spinach, red peppers etc.. The recommended dosage is about 250 mcg daily which should last from 4 weeks up to 2 months depending upon how much you consume on a daily basis For those who do not know about DHEA already perhaps this info will help shed light onto its purpose and use: http://www.naturalnews….nal_topics/DHEA#ixzz3JqRxlVvw UPDATE: Besides using DHEA…I would recommend eating a diet full of lean meats and fish along with plenty o’ vegetables & fruits too!! These are very high in vitamin B6, beta carotene & selenium which all improve hormonal function under normal conditions Think natural food + healthy

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