How To Help Sweating?

There are no specific medications that can be prescribed to treat sweating, but there are some non-pharmacological treatments. If you have a condition called hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which is used to mean excessive underarm or groin body perspiration, then this should only be treated if the person having the problem has excessive sweat in other parts of their body. Hyperhidrosis usually leads to tension and anxiety about being seen by others because of their sweaty hands, feet or armpits. This makes it more difficult for them to socialize with other people who may find it embarrassing when they notice someone’s wet hand or foot etc., so they often withdraw from society completely.

As far as home remedies go there are many different things that can help reduce your sense of feeling embarrassed about perspiring while at home or while out shopping etc.; try placing ice cubes on your underarms right before you leave any area where you might feel self-conscious about how much you’re sweating; using antiperspirants helps too; wearing tight clothing will also help reduce sweating since less air gets trapped between your skin and fabric areas such as blouses and sweaters; avoiding heated rooms such as saunas decreases heat production inside our bodies which often causes people to sweat more than usual; don’t forget that exercise also increases heat production within our bodies making us sweat more than normal especially during exercise periods such as running or exercising outdoors in hot weather conditions like

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