How To Help Excessive Sweating?

to begin with, you need to understand how the body produces sweating. your sweat glands are located in small patches on the scalp and palms of hands, near the surface of skin. they’re often called apocrine glands because they typically produce an odor that isn’t pleasant. when this odor is strong enough, it can cause excessive perspiration or even dampen clothes if it’s not washed off quickly enough.excessive sweating can be caused by many factors including health conditions like thyroid problems (hypothyroidism), anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), low estrogen levels due to menopause or other hormonal changes, anxiety disorders,, severe stress which could also include bipolar disorder or major depression, eating foods containing tyramine such as aged cheese; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; fermented pickles; sauerkraut and soy sauce (the latter two increase dopamine); salt substitutes like sodium chloride (table salt) and potassium chloride;; amines found in amino acids found in meats of all types – beef liver is higher than chicken liver but both contain high amine levels.; hypoglycemia ; hyperthyroidism . however there are some simple things that you can do to help reduce excessive sweating:

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