How To Get Your Armpits To Stop Sweating?

The main reason that most women get body odor is because of sweating. Sweating, the natural process we all go through when working out or under hot and humid conditions, can produce odors even in the absence of any visible sweat glands. That’s why it’s important to understand what you can do to help prevent your armpits from stinking up your clothes!

Pantiliners: These absorbent pads stick to our underwear and keep us feeling dry and fresh all day long without having a strong smell. A pantiliner works by absorbing moisture in the armpit area so that sweat doesn’t have anywhere else to go but onto clothing which then gives off an unpleasant aroma. Panty liners are nice for sensitive areas such as underarms since they don’t add bulk like regular sanitary napkins would. If you wear one, be sure not to place them right next to your body where they will become wet with perspiration; instead hang them on a string around your neck or wrist so that others can easily spot them if needed! You may find that wearing a pantyliner every day prevents unpleasant smells from forming into sweaty odors over time while allowing good smelling sweat itself continue its normal function down there! Some females also report unexpected benefits of using these little diapers including less menstrual cramps and lighter flow during their cycle due for this reason alone! The key point here is finding something more comfortable than packing toilet paper between

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