How To Get Rid Of Excess Sweating In The Armpits?

It is very often that you find yourself sweating excessively in the armpits. The reason for this may be a number of factors, which either have to do with your diet or other things. If you are looking for ways to get rid of excess sweating in the armpits, then continue reading this article and learn more about it!

You should know that it isn’t just the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone cause excessive perspiration under the arms but also stress can make one sweat heavily. It is because when you are stressed, your body starts producing extra amounts of adrenaline which causes an increase in blood pressure as well as increases breathing rate through inhalation and exhalation. This results into increased amount of heat produced by your body which will cause excessive sweating especially if you are engaged in physical activity like running or working out at gym regularly. Furthermore, another important factor responsible for causing excessive sweating is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) ,which greatly affects women who suffer from this condition leading them to experience weight gain issues due to large cysts on their ovaries themselves along with high levels of male hormone called testosterone which causes heavy vaginal bleeding during menstruation . Excess weight gained leads women suffering from PCOS towards loose skin around hips ,buttocks thighs etc… And so now what many people ask themselves now after knowing these facts – Why Do I Sweat So Much Under My Arms? Answer: Is There A Cure For Excessive Sweating Underarms?

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