How To Get Hands To Stop Sweating?

I have a problem with my hands. I am a nail technician and the skin on my palms is very dry and this leads to sweating, especially at night or when I have been working for a long time. What would you recommend as being the best way to get rid of this problem?

ANSWER: There are no home remedies that can cure Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). In some cases, the doctor may prescribe certain medications which will prevent your body from producing too much sweat or reduce it temporarily. However, if after using those medicines you still experience excessive sweating during the day then other measures should be taken by you in order to overcome this condition. These measures include wearing rubber gloves while doing your job so that your fingers do not touch anything that may cause bacteria growths on them; also, change cotton clothes into synthetic ones so that there are no odors causing bacteria growths in these places where they cannot grow otherwise; use antiperspirants while going out because these chemicals help stop excessive perspiration caused due to over-activity of sweat glands under clothing but only if used properly; avoid letting people touch your hand or even shake it because sometimes germs spread faster through touching than shaking hands yourself! Also see below about what doctors say about curing Hidrroasis (hyperhidrosis) at our website

QUESTION: how to get rid of hyperhydrosis?

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