How To Fix Sweating Pipes?

I have had my bathroom exhaust fan on for more than three years and it works great. But over the past several months, I noticed that the air in my bathroom is getting very hot (almost like a sauna). It seems like this has been happening ever since I installed the exhaust fan. As soon as I turn on my shower to take a shower, I notice that there is an immediate change in temperature in the air coming out of the vent. The problem becomes even worse when you use your hair dryer or blow dryer (which draws lots of heat into the room) directly next to your venting window while you are taking a bath/shower. There really isn’t anything else present in our home except for our toilet, kitchen sink and small “bathroom” area with its two windows and one door which also opens up onto another living space about 15 feet away from us – but we can close all of these doors so they don’t let any cold air into this “bathroom”.

I am wondering if someone could tell me what might be causing this problem? And how it should be fixed?? This is driving me crazy!!

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