How To Fix A Sweating Cake?

Hard to say, but I think it’s definitely the baking powder that is at fault. It should be replaced with an acid blend or your recipe will come out too fluffy in lieu of dense and cakey like you want. This isn’t the end of the world; however, you can make adjustments like adding in more flour for less air (with a similar rise), cutting back on the amount of baking powder (1 tsp per cup) or reducing your oven temp by 25 degrees F which would result in even less gluten development when mixed with other ingredients. Hope this helps!

I made this bread today using fungal-derived yeast, because I was not able to get my hands on Schedule D optional dairy while living in Canada. I made 1.5 times the bread called for, so there were plenty left over. I always have olive oil on hand, so I used that to mix into each portion. While making the bread, I couldn’t believe how moist it was! Typically any kind of dry bread fits the bill for me, but this one took special handling. I also decided not to do any salt / sugar again since ingredients are critical for flavor and sweetness since a lot of these items are unbalanced vices already. To preserve most (all?) flavors without much alteration, I baked mine at 350F instead->260F after 30 min., turning them around halfway through..(Hint: make sure you keep ‘em in

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