How To Describe Sweating?

I’ve been trying to describe sweat as a form of pain. I definitely feel like it’s an ache or something, but for me it has less to do with the body and more to do with what my mind is telling my body that it needs right now. It’s hard because there are so many things that can trigger sweating: anxiety attacks, high fever, stress and fatigue from overwork/over-eating etc.. The only thing that I know about sweating is how it feels in the moment when you’re experiencing it… But even then I’m not sure if people understand what they’re feeling. Maybe this will help:

Imagine you have a cup full of water – one large enough so you could drink all at once without spilling any. If someone were to pour water into your cup until they had completely filled your cup up (all around the rim), would you be able to tell? Would you notice them pouring water into your cup? What happens if they put more than 1 inch of water in the center of your cup instead of on all sides? Does this change anything about what would happen if their hand was placed outside of your visual field while they poured said amount of water into your “cup”?? This analogy kind-of explains why some people might not see some obvious symptoms during certain events – perhaps some are too focused on what’s happening inside their own minds/beliefs/thoughts…. Or maybe next time try asking yourself these questions before jumping

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