How To Deal With Nervous Sweating?

A: Sweating is a natural, normal response to stress. Although it tends to make you feel a bit uncomfortable, it’s actually part of your body’s way of cooling down or warming up when it gets too hot or cold. The important thing with sweating is not to let the area become damp and clammy from sweat. Try these tips for dealing with nervous sweating at work:

Wear loose-fitting clothing that isn’t see-through or clingy so that your boss can tell if you’re under pressure without being able to see the sweat on your shirt sleeve. If possible, try wearing muted colors rather than bright ones so that they don’t stand out against dark fabric and draw attention away from sweaty areas such as underarms and around necklines. Avoid perfume because perfumed lotions tend to be absorbed by skin more quickly than perfumes are; use unscented cosmetics instead so there’s no chance perfume will ruin an otherwise good fit in the interview room!

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