How To Deal With Excessive Sweating?

The excessive sweating problem is usually caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. This means that there are more than normal blood vessels in your skin, which results in increased sweat production. Although the reasons behind this overactivity of the nervous system are unknown, it can be treated with medications. The most commonly prescribed medication for this condition is clonidine (brand name Catapres). Clonidine works by blocking certain nerve receptors on blood vessel walls to prevent them from constricting and causing perspiration.

When you first start taking clonidine, you may notice a strong sedative effect—you might feel mentally “high” or sleepy after only one dose! That’s because the drug has some anti-anxiety effects as well as its main purpose of regulating heart rate and controlling hypertension (high blood pressure). These side effects will subside within 2 weeks, but they can last up to 3 months even with regular treatment—which makes catapres an effective option for treating chronic hyperhidrosis despite these side effects.

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