How To Cure Underarm Sweating?

I am a 33 year old female and I have been suffering from Tinea Versicolor ever since I was 17. The condition started on my left shoulder, working its way down to the rest of my body. It looks like dark spots all over me from head to toe, but if you look closely they are not so noticeable. I have tried every product out there for this skin condition, even prescription creams costing many hundreds of dollars per tube which did absolutely nothing except cause more itching and dryness in the affected areas. Then one day a friend told me about something that would help get rid of these spots completely!

It is called Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 2oz jar with lid by A+Malden Products Inc. When used twice daily it will usually clear up your tinea versicolor in less than 3 weeks! My shoulder healed instantly just after 1 week!!! You can purchase this at any drug store or online pharmacy selling cosmetics products (see link above). All you do is apply it directly onto the skin where you want to see results… Apply it using your fingers so as not to rub too hard… Allow some time for it to work before washing off with water or soap & warm water…. Repeat weekly until no longer needed…. This stuff works better than anything else short of laser treatment!! There are several sites now directing people how exactly what steps should be taken along with instructions on how long each step should take; please read through them before

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