How To Cure Sweating Underarm?

Hi. I’ve been having a problem with sweating under my arms for several months now, and it’s gotten worse recently. Most of the time this is very mild, but if I get too hot or stressed about something – i can feel it. It doesn’t itch or anything like that, but feels uncomfortable to the touch. At first I thought maybe my shirt was too tight in certain spots around there, but after a while realized this wasn’t really true…so what could be the reason? Sometimes when I’m cold (which isn’t often) my armpits will sweat just as much as they do when it’s hot out!

I’ve always had acne prone skin so naturally I keep thinking that might be the case, though its not at all..but sometimes leaving them alone makes them worse than if you try to pop pimples or something…what else could cause this? Any ideas would be great!! Thank you!:)

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