How To Cure Excessive Hand Sweating?

When you start sweating excessively, the first thing to do is check your weight. If you are obese, try losing some pounds before attempting to treat excessive hand sweating. Excess fat on the body also contributes considerably toward sweat production. Eat a balanced diet and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in it to ensure that your body gets enough vitamins and minerals for healthy functioning. Try doing exercises that work out all muscles groups including leg muscles as well as abdominal area so that excess skin does not interfere with their normal functions.

How long can I go without showering? [ edit ]

Since our bodies contain many systems which need water such as the circulatory system, kidneys etc., we must drink at least half an inch of fresh water every day or else there will be problems such as dehydration resulting in high blood pressure etc.. To keep yourself hydrating throughout the day remember: Drink small amounts frequently (a few sips every five minutes) rather than one large amount because after several hours we tend to lose track of how much liquid we have had and end up needing more! Also avoid eating foods like dried fruit which almost always contains sugar which causes us to dehydrate faster due to its very high rate of absorption by the body; eat these instead if necessary but make sure they are low-sugar/low-carbohydrate sugars e.g.: stevia (only 4 calories per 1 tsp), xylitol (1 calorie per gram), splenda (typically 1 calorie

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