How To Control Your Sweating?

Everyone sweats. Sweat is a normal part of the human body’s thermoregulation, and while some people sweat profusely, others may only sweat on their upper lip or forehead while reading or during physical activity. If you have hyperhidrosis—excessive sweating that persists for more than a month—you may need to talk with your doctor about possible treatments. In addition to medicines prescribed by your doctor, there are many over-the-counter medications available from pharmacies and supermarkets which can help control excessive sweating in various ways. Some of these include: Deodorants/antiperspirants These products work by clogging the pores of the skin preventing perspiration from escaping through it. They also reduce appetite stimulation thereby reducing cravings for unhealthy foods such as fried food and chocolate bars that contain saturated fats that lead to increased secretion of glucose into the bloodstream, thus resulting in higher blood sugar levels leading to weight gain due to its effect on insulin sensitivity [1]. However if you choose not use them at all then this will result in uncontrolled perspiration hence increasing chances of developing health problems such as cardiovascular diseases[2] Antihistamines This class includes antihistaminic drugs used mainly for treating allergic reactions but they can be effective too against excessive sweating when taken daily.[3][4] Antihypertensive Drugs The most commonly used prescription drug used against excessive sweating is chlorothiazide (common brand name Coreg). It has no side effects like hypertension but

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