How To Control Sweating In Summer?

Answered by: Dr A M Kutty | Consultant Dermatologist, senior consultant dermatologist, department of ENT & Skin Surgery,

Q: I sweat very much in the summer. Is there any remedy for this? How do you prevent it from perspiring so much?

A: Sweating is a normal physiological process. There are many conditions that may cause excessive sweating such as neuromuscular disease and certain medications like antihistamines and antipsychotics such as haloperidol which can also cause hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) due to anticholinergic effects. If your condition is not improving or worsening with medication then we would need to rule out other causes of the problem apart from the medication itself. For instance if you have underlying neurological disease then it would be important to find out what really caused this before stopping the medication altogether though under close medical supervision unless clearly contraindicated otherwise. The same goes for those who suffer from psychiatric illness or chronic fatigue syndrome where treatment advice needs to be individualised according to each patient’s case history and their response to treatment over time as well as previous previous investigations done on them including imaging studies like brain scans etc… I hope that helps answer your query about excess sweating during hot weather – please let me know if you have further questions regards excess sweating during hot weather at kutty@dermnetnz .co .nz cheers!

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