How To Control Sweating Armpits?

How to stop excessive sweating in armpits? How to reduce excessive sweating on the arms, hands and feet?

Normal Body Sweat. Human body produces sweat as a response of physical activity or mental stress. Excessive sweating is not normal at all for human beings because it may cause skin diseases like hyperhidrosis (sweating underarms) etc. But what if you don’t feel any sense of tiredness after exercise even though your body temperature increases during exercise; then this might be due to overproduction of sweat by your body! There are some scientific reasons behind that too: increase in heat production promoted by increased oxygen consumption leads to an increase in blood flow through the capillaries which produce more heat than usual i.e., greater heat loss leads to increased heat generation leading further rise in body temperature & production of excess sweat thereby increasing perspiration levels.. This is called “Heat Accumulation Theory” . If you cannot do heavy exercises but feel very hot when exercising, you can try using antiperspirants/deodorants which prevent excess sweating during workout routine.. Don’t use these products late night so that they won’t interfere with coconut oil

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