How To Control Excess Sweating On Face?

I am 21 years old and I started to sweat more than usual. It’s not excessive, but it’s something that is new for me. I never had problems with my skin before. My face is usually very dry in the winter because of this reason, so when I began sweating more than usual in the summer it was a shock for me. Sometimes when I’m nervous or anxious about something my face will start to sweat even if there is no heat or humidity around me at all (i live in Canada). When this happens i feel like i need to wipe my face off with some water but its just sweaty…because of course when you wipe your sweaty hands they are covered in moisture so you don’t see how much you’re sweating until after wiping them on your shirt!

Does anyone know how can i stop doing this? How do you tell someone who has never had any issues what kind of product might work?

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