How To Avoid Sweating?

Q: What are some signs of hyperhidrosis?

A: The first sign is “sweaty palms.” If you have sweaty palms, sweat through your fingers or other parts of the body where you can feel the wetness. This sweating occurs even when you are not doing exercise or other physical activity. Sweating in these areas may also occur with stress and anxiety, particularly during warm weather months. Hyperhidrosis that causes your hands to become clammy means that they are drenched all day long, even though you have been totally inactive for an extended period of time (for example, working on a computer). There is no way this type of excessive sweating will stop by itself without treatment. Be sure to read about medications used to treat hyperhidrosis before deciding which course to take!


Most patients who seek medical attention because began experiencing difficulty functioning due to depression do so after multiple failed attempts at self-help treatments such as antidepressants and counseling sessions over many years—and sometimes decades—have failed them completely or provided temporary relief from their symptoms but then led only into more despair and hopelessness. These people often end up seeking help from physicians because life has become intolerable during periods when they cannot function normally with their jobs or relationships; it becomes difficult for family members to meet their responsibilities; there is decreased interest in activities previously enjoyed; sleep quality worsens significantly after going too long without adequate restful sleep; appetite loss increases further making

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