How To Avoid Sweating Too Much?

To prevent sweating in the first place, wearing loose clothing is one of the best ways to keep your body cool. But if you find yourself sweating more than usual, there are a few steps you can take in order to decrease this problem.

1) Make sure that you’re not eating too much salt. Salt causes sweating by increasing blood pressure and also by causing water retention which makes it harder for sweat glands to produce sweat when needed. To reduce your salt intake, try adding less salt at meals or switching from regular table salt to lower sodium salts like rock sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt . You may also want to consider reducing how often you eat salty snacks/ foods .

2) Wear cotton products instead of synthetics (like polyester). Synthetic fabrics pull moisture away from us even though they’re designed just like natural fibers such as cotton! Instead wear clothes made with natural fibers such as silk , wool , hemp , etc. If synthetic fabrics are unavoidable then make sure garments are labeled “dry clean only” or hand wash them separately on cold water before washing again & drying on low heat setting on dryer if possible ) since some synthetics contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation ). Preferably avoid nylon because it has been linked with hormone disruption and cancer development . And always check labels for specific information regarding fabric composition so that any harmful effects can be avoided!

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