How To Avoid Sweating Through Your Shirt?

When the temperature is rising, it’s inevitable that your body will sweat. Even when you don’t feel hot, sweating is actually a natural part of how our bodies cool down. Sweating can be controlled by regulating your body temperature either through hot or cold environments or simply by drinking water. However this level of control doesn’t apply to all people because different chemical processes in their bodies cause them to sweat more than others without much control over the situation. But what causes these excessive amounts of sweating?

There are several factors that contribute to excessive sweating but one major factor that has been studied thoroughly is hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration). Hyperhidrosis affects around 5% of the population and there are three main types: primary hyperhidrosis, secondary hyperhidrosis and idiopathic hyperhydrodermia.[1] Primary Hyperhidrosis refers to an excess amount of sweat produced despite no underlying medical condition causing it whereas Secondary Hyperhidrosis means accumulated fluids in non-sweaty areas which may be caused due to certain medications such as antibiotics.[2] Lastly Idiopathic Hyperhydrodermia deals with multiple abnormal areas on the skin where excess fluid collects leading to generalized swelling resulting in significant discomfort.[3] Regardless if you have any type of excessive sweating then you should know how you can control your body heat while avoiding overheating while feeling comfortable at all times! This article will provide some tips for men who suffer from excessive

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