How To Avoid Excessive Sweating?

Nasal congestion due to sinusitis, rhinitis or post nasal drip can result in excessive sweating. Treatment will depend on the cause of the condition and includes drugs such as antihistamines, decongestants and topical steroids. If medication is not effective then surgery may be required.

What are signs of a stress-related illness? Do I need stress management training?

I would recommend that you seek professional help if you experience symptoms which could be caused by stress including: mood changes; low energy levels; stomach upsets – diarrhoea/constipation; headaches (unexplained); sleep disturbance – insomnia or oversleeping; loss of appetite (weight loss). It is important to remember that stress has many different manifestations so it’s important to consult your doctor for advice before assuming this condition is related to work pressures. You should also consider whether there are any other underlying problems which have been left untreated for some time e.g., depression, poor diet etc..

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