How Stop Sweating?

“The body won’t sweat. It will only perspire, and not to any great degree. You can stop sweating by blocking the pores of the skin with some kind of material, but it is probably too late for that now since your suit would have absorbed most of the water anyway. I believe that if you just keep basking in full sun exposure it will be enough to keep your body temperature at normal levels until you are back on solid ground again. So let me know when you can move around more freely and we’ll go see what the rest of this station looks like. There may be something here that could help us get off this rock before it gets any hotter than it already is—but remember, nothing good comes from heatstroke or exposure! This place has had no air-conditioning system installed yet so our bodies don’t run as efficiently as they should under conditions like these—so don’t overdo things out there unless you want to end up looking like a cooked lobster! A little exercise every day helps maintain cardiovascular efficiency; try walking around outside once or twice a day rather than lounging around all day watching TV if that isn’t possible for whatever reason . . . I hope one thing hasn‘t gotten lost in translation between my home planet and yours: If anyone tries anything funny with you please feel free to whack them with an oar beam across their ears!).

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