How Much Weight Can You Lose From Sweating?

The short answer is that it’s difficult to say. Everyone has different levels of sweat production, and your weight loss may be affected by these factors as well.[1]

However, the best way to know whether you will lose too much weight during exercise is to keep track of your water intake—this can help you take in enough fluids so that you don’t dehydrate too quickly without compromising performance. If your sweat losses are becoming unacceptably high due to excessive fluid loss, then stop running for a few days before resuming the training program.[2] And if this happens on a regular basis or if your weight loss continues after stopping exercise altogether, see a doctor immediately.

Although there isn’t evidence from research studies on how much sweating can contribute to dehydration, general recommendations for losing 1% body mass per day have been used by some authors as an estimate based on acceptable daily energy expenditure[3]. In other words: You shouldn’t only weigh yourself every single day but also check how much more or less water you’re taking in than what’s needed for maintenance (which depends on age and gender). So remember: Monitor both!

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