How Does Sweating Help Cool The Body?

Sweating is a natural process that helps control body temperature. When we sweat, our bodies remove heat from the skin to keep us cool and comfortable. The rate of sweating varies for each person but sweating does occur continuously throughout the day – even when you’re not physically active such as sleeping or resting! Exercise increases your level of physical activity which can cause more frequent and/or intense sweating.

What causes excessive perspiration?

There are two types of perspiring: an overactive form where there is too much fluid entering your sweat glands and a normal form where there isn’t enough fluid leaving the glands so they don’t work properly. Excessive perspiration may be due to: Infection (infectious mononucleosis) Sweaty feet (chronic venous insufficiency) Certain drugs like antihistamines Erythropoietin Anti-cancer medication such as adriamycin or daunorubicin Prolonged high fever Dehydration Heat rash Dizziness Itching Swelling Pain Allergic reaction Hot weather Illness

How do I stop my excessive sweating?

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