How Does Sweating Cool Your Body?

How does sweating cool your body?

Sweating is the body’s way of cooling itself. To sweat: The surface area of all the skin and hair on the human body is about 100 square feet (9 sq. m). When we get hot, our bodies create heat by muscular contractions that cause blood to flow into certain areas such as the palms and soles of our feet. As this heated blood flows out from these areas, it evaporates by carrying moisture away with it, causing perspiration (sweat).

There are many functions for sweating including: Maintaining a constant internal temperature by removing excess heat produced during normal activities

Regulating core body temperature so that there is no excessive overheating or hypothermia

Cooling down your skin and preventing burns caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Protecting yourself against dangerous amounts of sun damage due to overexposure How does sweating cool you off? Sweating happens because when water evaporates from our bodies – which happen to be mainly located in small patches around our entire bodies called “pores” – it carries with it various substances such as salt and other minerals found in sweat; each one has its own temperature. When we feel hot we perspire more than if we were not feeling particularly warm; therefore, people who experience extreme temperatures like those affected by high altitudes will only start sweating at higher temperatures than other people would normally expect them too (such as coming

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