How Does Aluminium Chloride Stop Sweating?

Aluminium chloride is an antiperspirant. By reacting with sweat, it prevents sweating and keeps this from happening in the future. This means that the aluminium salt in aluminium chloride reacts with sweat (also known as sebum) and prevents its production. After a while, your body will naturally clear out all of the excess salts; however, if you stop using it or use lighter amounts of it when shaving or bathing, then there is less chance for potassium to be flushed away through the kidneys and therefore more chance for potassium to build up in your blood stream which can lead to muscle cramps!

Does magnesium hydroxide prevent dandruff?

Yes – this ingredient has been shown to be effective against flaking skin by stopping dandruff fungus (Pityrosporum Farinae). Dandruff itself is not painful but can cause itchiness on scalp where flakes are present. The itching caused by Pityrosporum fariniae results due to over-active immune system reaction characteristic of fungal conditions like dandruff. Magnesium hydroxide stops these reactions by reducing histamine levels, inhibiting cytokines (immune system proteins), removing fungal spores etc., thus reducing inflammation around hair follicles resulting into improved condition of scalp skin leading towards significant reduction of malady called “dandruf” .

Glycerine works instantly rather than gradually? Is glycerine suitable for short term use only? Or does

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