How Do You Stop Yourself From Sweating?

By the time I walked into my room, she was already in bed. She had removed her robe and wore a pair of short pink shorts that showed off all her smooth legs. As I got closer to get undressed, she rolled over on her side facing me with one leg bent up toward the ceiling and the other down at about a 45 degree angle from it. Using just two fingers, she pulled her left nipple out through the fabric so that it sprang free atop her erect breast. Her right hand reached back behind herself to position a pillow under one buttock while she used both hands to massage each breast with firm circular movements until they were nice and flushed red from being stimulated so intensely by their own weight distribution around them for hours at a time. You could tell, even without seeing or touching them myself, that these were very sensitive breasts! My heart beat faster as I undressed completely then climbed into bed next to Linda’s warm body where we fell asleep spooning together within minutes of turning our lights off.

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