How Do You Stop Underarm Sweating?

Answer: Underarm sweating is a very common problem and is not just limited to females. It affects people of all ages, but most commonly occurs in the late teens and early twenties years. The exact cause for underarm sweating can be due to many factors such as stress, anxiety, body temperature changes (especially during pregnancy), hormonal changes (during puberty including adolescence) or genetic causes.

The majority of people who suffer from underarm sweats will notice that it has initially started after having sexual intercourse or shortly afterwards. They may notice their underarms becoming wet at this point and they will also feel an intense irritation on their skin which usually feels like tiny pins pricking them on touch – known as ‘pins-and-needles’. This continued throughout the night up until they have woken up again – often with increased sweatiness in both armpits – sometimes accompanied by patches of dry skin between the breasts called ‘moisture patches’. These symptoms are normal with many people at some stage during puberty so don’t worry if you experience these symptoms too!

If you find your symptoms persist over time then keep reading for more information about how to treat them further down this page…

How do I know if my underarms are sweaty? Are my armpits always sweaty?

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