How Do You Stop Sweating?

Some people are very hot all the time. This can be extremely uncomfortable in certain climates, but people with this type of problem generally have a genetic predisposition for hyperhidrosis, which means they’re more likely to sweat excessively through their entire body. Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive or excessive underarm sweating.

When these individuals are exposed to heat, sweat glands in their armpits and/or palms become activated and secrete copious amounts of watery sweat that develops into areas where it becomes lodged—sometimes even causing skin irritation or infection. All too often patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis experience noticeable sweating when wearing an article of clothing that’s not completely dry after being laundered (such as cotton underwear). For some patients, the only solution is to wear loose-fitting clothing so there is no restriction on movement of the sweaty patches over other parts of the body. For others, mild treatments such as oral antiperspirant medications work well to help reduce sweating throughout most of your day while you’re at home or working outside during warmer months. Some people need stronger treatment options like Botox injections if severe cases persist despite using topical solutions for several weeks at a time without success. The good news is that once you begin treatment for your hyperhidrosis condition many patients see marked improvement within just one month!

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