How Do You Stop Sweating So Much?

I think it’s the combination of fat loss and increased core temperature. When you’re cold, your body spends more energy to keep itself warm than just shivering if there is no external stimulus for it (i.e., wind chill). So an increase in core temperature doesn’t mean that you’ll sweat less; instead, you will start sweating more because your body has to work harder at staying warm.

What do I eat after my workout? What should I avoid afterwards?

You can have anything as long as its not liquid or otherwise high-carbohydrate based, but try to stick with low-glycemic starches like sweet potatoes, rice/pasta/bread (under 200g), white potatoes (under 100g) and many types of vegetables (limit fruit completely). Try to get protein within 30 minutes after exercise so that muscle repair can happen quickly without the need for insulin production by the pancreas.

I’m training myself how long before my first competition? How much does this cost? And what kind of facilities are available here in Malaysia compared with other countries where people train for their sport or dance? Which ones would be considered beginner vs advanced places etc.? Thank you! 🙂 Hi everyone! My name is Audrey Lim and i am a figure skater from Singapore who is currently training hard here at RISE Skating Academy . Hope all of you guys out there are doing well! For those who don’t know me 😀 , i was

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