How Do You Stop From Sweating So Much?

The best way to stop sweating is to drink more water. If you can’t get enough of it, then increase the amount that you drink (at least eight glasses every day). And keep in mind that even when we think we don’t need the extra fluid, our bodies actually do crave it and will start to feel thirsty if we aren’t getting enough. If your body does not have adequate amounts of electrolytes and minerals like sodium and potassium (the main reason for our sweaty palms), then drinking a lot of water will give you some relief from excessive perspiration. I also highly recommend taking a salt substitute or supplement such as celtic sea salt which is rich in trace elements needed by the body for proper functioning.

I sweat at night too! Is this normal? Are there any remedies? What about antihistamines/antacids/bloating pills? I have had these issues since childhood… what has been done before?!?!

Yes, sweating while sleeping is perfectly normal but only occurs because of a few reasons: usually lack of sleep combined with increased stress level due to work or family problems; high temperature, causing moisture loss from upper respiratory tract; low blood sugar levels caused by eating less food over time; pH imbalance caused by dieting which causes an acidic environment on skin surface leading to excessive sweating around mouth area during sleep times …etc…… The good news is…… Most people experience nighttime hyperhidrosis due to negative

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