How Do You Stop Excessive Sweating?

A: You can reduce your body temperature by exposing yourself to the cold, wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes. The vitamin B3 in bananas may also help regulate excessive sweating.

Q: I have a problem with dry skin around my eyes and nose area. Is there anything I can do for this?

A: Stop smoking, losing sleep or drinking too much alcohol will affect your skin quality as well as irritating it further through its effects on blood circulation. Change hair products regularly to avoid build up of lime deposits that are corrosive to the skin’s cell structure. The arginine-rich proteins found in fish oils improve moist balance and maintain elasticity of the tissues surrounding oil glands which improves their function, thereby improving dryness problems.


Q: Has anyone had heart problems due to eating too much fat? Does dietary fat play any part in heart disease? If so how much is too much? What should you eat instead if you want lower cholesterol levels without reducing calorie intake? How many calories per day should one consume just for themselves (should be adjusted according to height/weight)? Are single meals better than snacks between meals etc.? Do men need these extra calories/fatty foods more than women because they exercise less often /at all/? Dieticians seem very unhelpful when trying to give advice on dieting down cholesterol levels –

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