How Do You Prevent Your Hands From Sweating?

—If you need to, take a little more time on the keyboard.

* * *

I’m going to do a lot of work in this chapter, and I promise that it will pay off for you later. So get ready! You’ll see me use some advanced techniques throughout the book. In fact, most of them are what make up my professional life as an editor and writer—and they help people like you get their own books done more efficiently too since they can be applied to any kind of writing task or job (not just technical manuals). These techniques aren’t difficult; however, because they represent huge chunks of information easily swallowed by many beginning writers (or even experienced ones), I broke down these chapters into bite-size pieces so everyone can follow along step by step. The key is learning how much time each skill takes before becoming habit; then practice makes perfect!

Before we start using these new skillsets though, let’s first talk about why speed is important in our field: Technical writing isn’t always fun (although it should be!), but your readers will thank you if you deliver quality material at lightning speeds while still making sure everything is accurate and understandable for your audience. It means so much when readers say things like “Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly with all the details…the report was released without issues thanks to your input! We couldn’t have done it without you

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