How Do You Prevent Your Armpits From Sweating?

I like the idea of “drying down” my armpits and then applying deodorant to stabilize the sweat. Then, I wouldn’t need antiperspirant or deodorant (although I do use both). Plus, I know that it will be a lot cheaper for me!

How does natural deodorant work? Is there an ingredient you recommend for men?

There are probably tons of awesome natural ingredients out there; each with their own benefits. Glycerin is one that has worked well in my experience. It absorbs moisture/sweat without clogging pores like some other substances can do (crystal ball stone anyone?). As far as specific ingredients go, if you look up how to make your own personal care products at home; most recipes include glycerin (which is also used in baby shampoo). If you’re interested in making your own deodorants, here are two really awesome ones:

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