How Do You Make Your Armpits Stop Sweating?

I have. It’s weird, because I don’t sweat in my armpits or anywhere else on my body that isn’t a little damp. Anyway, this is what you do: First of all, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of any germs that might be lurking there. Then take some hydrogen peroxide and gently swipe it around the area where you feel perspiration forming (I usually just go up into each side of my shirt).

Then put on a clean pair of underwear and wait for them to dry before putting them back on! That makes quite an improvement over cotton underwear as well as other methods such as deodorant sprays which can cause irritation or rash-like reactions.

Where Do You Find Laundry Soap?

You may think this question doesn’t matter anymore since we live in the age of easy-to-get detergent substitutes like Tide Pods and Oxi Pro (which are actually made from corn starch), but if you want to know how to make laundry soap at home then you really should check out your local supermarket first. Unfortunately, most supermarkets don’t stock real laundry soap; instead they only carry enzyme boosters like Dawn dishwashing liquid (made from petroleum byproducts) or whatever “natural cleaning agent” speciality products they happen to be pushing today like Arm & Hammer Baking Soda—the name says it all: baking soda

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