How Do I Stop Sweating?

Nivea Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick 30g, $7.99 at Shopper’s Drug Mart and CVS (Coupon: SAVE5)

What might this be? Nivea makes a men’s anti-perspirant stick that is supposed to help stop underarm sweat buildup. I’m sure it does because there are no women who seem to have the problem of excessive sweating in their armpits that many men do! The product description says “100% active ingredients” but don’t bother looking for any evidence of what those active ingredients are because you won’t find them listed anywhere on the package or online.

The only explanation I can find for why this product exists is a promotional tweet from a sports clothing company which says they developed an undershirt with anti-sweat technology to keep athletes fresh during hot games. Of course, guys need not apply as these items will only become available after the NBA playoffs have been completed and by then all those sweaty dudes would probably just fall asleep anyway…

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