How Do I Stop Sweating Profusely?

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How To Stop Sweating On Head And Neck Yahoo Answers

20/02/2014�� You may have too much salt in your diet, or you may have a condition that causes excessive sweating. If the problem is due to too little sodium in your diet, try taking 1 teaspoon of table salt per day. If the problem is due to an overactive thyroid gland, take medication for it or see a doctor who can help you control it…. The best known treatment for hyperhidrosis involves surgical removal of sweat glands from the underarms and axillary folds (underarm folds) through �excision.� Excision requires anesthesia and incisions are made above each armpit with suture threading inserted into muscle tissue below the skin surface where sweating occurs. The amount of sweat glands removed varies by surgeon; some surgeons remove 25-50% while others remove 75-100%. After surgery there will be numbness at the surgical site which should last about 6 weeks followed by

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