How Do I Stop Sweating Naturally?

If you start to sweat a lot, and feel like you’re overheating easily, it could be because of the way your body is functioning. And since we don’t know what causes sweating or how to stop sweating naturally, we can’t say for sure whether this is something that needs medical attention. But if it’s just starting out as an occasional occurrence and doesn’t seem to be affecting your daily life, there are some things you can try to calm down those sweats without having them turn into full-blown heat exhaustion:

Drink lots of water – as much as eight glasses per day (or around 10 cups), depending on how hot it typically gets in your area. The more hydrated you are during times when temperatures rise above normal levels, the less likely you will become dehydrated and therefore susceptible to high blood pressure and other health problems associated with dehydration such as rashes and many other skin conditions. If possible invest in a good quality water filtration system that uses carbon filter cartridges which help filter out chlorine from tap water before it enters your home faucet . Chlorine usage has been linked with hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) by multiple studies over recent years especially among children who have poor hygiene habits . Anecdotally speaking I have heard from others whose child was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis after moving into a new house where the incoming filtered water supply had higher than usual chlorine content due its

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