How Do I Stop My Hands From Sweating??

ok so everytime i’m outside for more than 10 min. my hands start to sweat like mad, and it actually gets on the insides of my sunglasses (i always wear sunglasses when i go out), but if they are not sweaty by then, they’ll be wet in a couple hours. I’ve tried hand sanitizer with no effect, just plain cold water doesn’t do anything about it either even though everyone else can seem to stop their hands from sweating when they’re cold or in contact with ice/cold drinks..

It’s not that bad today cause I used hand sanitizer at work before coming here… But yesterday was horrible. And last week too! Anyway what do you guys recommend? also ive read this article—15ml/dp/B000EKLLUW , but does anyone have any experience using coconut oil on the skin??

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