How Do I Stop My Crotch From Sweating?

Crotch sweat is the result of a combination of moisture in the air and your body heat. It’s normal for guys to have some degree of sweating from their crotch area, but excessive sweating there can be a sign that something else is going on inside your body. Some problems to check out include: Diabetes , which causes nerve damage and makes it harder for blood vessels in this area to dilate properly when needed, causing more fluid buildup; thyroid problems; or an infection like mononucleosis . If you’re really concerned about excessive sweating around your crotch, see what happens if you cut back on caffeine (green tea has anti-diuretic properties) or alcohol (alcohol dehydrates). Also consider taking extra vitamins B12 (for energy production) and D3 (to help maintain healthy blood vessel walls), as well as drinking enough water daily.

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