How Do I Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating?

i sweat under my arms so much that it creates bumps on your armpits. i have tried deodorant but nothing seems to stop the sweating! any help would be great.

ANSWER: I recommend you read the following article: Sweating Underarms? Try These Natural Home Remedies To Stop It!

How do i fix dry skin under arms? (photo) – Answered by a verified Dermatologist Dr. Shobhit Saxena MBBS, DCH What is the recommended treatment for dry skin under arm pits and elbows?! Hello, I am having some issues with really dry skin around my upper arms and I don’t know what to do! The problem started about 4 months ago when I had an allergic reaction due to psoriasis in which my whole body was covered in red blotches 🙁 At this time however my arms were clear of anything except little scabs from scratching them… Right now they are still red/purple/brownish spots but they have been getting worse over time without really being affected by stress or illness… Any tips on how to treat these areas at home would be helpful thanks!! 🙂 Photo before x Answer provided by a verified Dermatologist Dr. Shobhit Saxena MBBS, DCH Dear Patient care nurse, My question is regarding Dry Skin on Upper Arm Side after going through Psoriasis Treatment ? Thank You In Advance Yours Madhurima

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