How Do I Stop Excessive Sweating?

How do you get rid of excessive sweating? I am a 30 year old female, and have been suffering from this for 11 years. I sweat excessively in the heat, but also on cold days at times, which it is even more embarrassing. It’s not really visible to anyone else (I’m sure they can tell if my face is wet), but when it happens in public, like during a meeting or something with others around me – it’s very obvious and extremely humiliating. When I was younger this didn’t bother me much since we didn’t know about these problems back then (and believe me there weren’t many people out there talking about their problems with excessive sweating). But now that I’m older and more aware of what goes on concerning different diseases such as diabetes etc., this has become very important to me! How do you actually cure yourself of this problem? And when will someone invent some kind of patch so i don’t have to worry about running out and buying deodorant everyday? 🙂

Excessive Sweating: Causes & Treatment

If your pre-menopause stress continues beyond 3 months after stopping hormonal therapy or birth control pills, ask your doctor whether she may recommend hormone replacement therapy . This allows the body to produce hormones normally again without additional damage. There are 2 types: estrogen alone , used before menopause; combined estrogen / progesterone , used after menopause. Ask your doctor whether one type would be better than another for you

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