How Do I Make My Armpits Stop Sweating?

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Answer: Sweat is caused by your body trying to cool itself. When sweat comes out of the pores in your armpit, it carries heat away from your body. You can use antiperspirants or deodorant to reduce this effect, but an antiperspirant will usually only work on some people and not others. If you have a condition that causes excessive sweating (such as hyperhidrosis), then no product will be able to prevent sweat from coming out of the pores. Antiperspirants may make you more susceptible to dry skin because they are designed for controlling sweaty pits; it’s best not to use them if there are other areas on your body where you get too much sweat production. If that happens, then an anti-dandruff shampoo should help control any excessive sweating there instead of making things worse all around!

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